Techno park Solo delegates that total of 32 people visit Bandung Techno Park on Saturday , November 1st 2014 .The delegation received by Jangkung Raharjo , Director of Bandung Techno Park with some researchers and staff. In his speech , Jangkung Raharjo who is also Solo society deliver the importance of builts the Technopark in some areas in order to accelerated the economic growth in the region. So that if regional economy growing and will also make an impact on national economic growth .

In the event also presented a glimpse of Bandung Techno Park by Reza Akbar , one of the researchers at the Bandung Techno Park. Reza also showing some start-up that has been successful .

In discussion sessions , Jangkung also telling how the beginning of the establishment of Bandung Techno Park until now that has produced some of the product of an industrial scale .How was he wants the institution that one of its role to do technology commercialization . Moreover, in 2006 when he brought the concept of this Technopark, he have some dreams if only all provinces or even every districts in Indonesia has Technopark for sure soon will be felt the positive impact, especially increase the competitiveness .He also told that Bandung Techno Park has been transformed from R&D ( Research & Development) to R&BD ( Research & Business Development)

When mentioning about cooperation with Solo Techno Park , Jangkung said basically Bandung Techno Park is ready to cooperate with any institution in accordance with the role and function of technopark .

Ending the discussions , Jangkung also remind the importance of the role of universities in support the sustainability of Technopark .Because college will be very help technopark in implementing R&D.