Presdir Lembang Asri Hotel beserta tim melihat Bio-digester yang dikembangkan Bandung Techno Park

The Presdir of Lembang Asri Hotel with its team looking at a Bio-digester developed by Bandung Techno Park


Biodigester is a system that promotes decomposition of organic matter. It produces bio-gases and other chemical compound, generated through the process of anaerobic digestion. Bio-gas generated can be used for cooking, heating, electricity generation, and running a vehicle. With those kind of benefit, Bio-digester became one of the best alternative to utilize and minimize waste. A solution that not only will reduce the amount of waste produce by the environment but it also produce a green energy.

Under cooperation with Telkom University lecturer, Dr.Ir. Rosad Ma’ali El Hadi, M.Pd., M.T., Bandung Techno Park is also developing its own bio-digester. Telkom University is the test-field and the bio-gases it produce has been used as a cooking fuel on their canteen. He also developing a specific kind of stove that support the use of the bio-gasses. Eventually this research development is heard by others outside from Telkom Foundation area.

One of Bandung Techno Park’s network, Lembang Asri Resort is interested in a waste management technology that being developed . The President Director of Lembang Asri, Mr. A. Nandy Kusdradjat, S.E with his team is visiting Bandung on April 11, 2016. Their visitation purpose is to look at the Biodigester. With assistance from Business Acceleration division of Bandung Techno Park along with Mr. Rosad as developer, Biodigester is being introduced.

As a hotel with more than 3 hectare areas that mostly consist of natural vegetation, Lembang Asri want to utilize their organic waste into something more utile. The Biodigester is their option. With the abundant of organic waste, it will not only produce a bio-gases but also could be utilize into a fertilizer. This utilization of organic waste means that the environment is self-sustain, which means the waste play a part in re-planting. Moreover it also can have economic benefit from other chemical compound that can be added into the making of fertilizer. Therefore Bio-digester is hoped to be a solution to prevent environmental problem such as waste cumulation, furthermore it will contribute to re-planting the earth and energy saving.

Kompor menggunakan bahan bakar biogas hasil Biodigester

Kompor menggunakan bahan bakar biogas