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Fast-breaking of BTP with Orphans

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As one of an expression of gratitude for favors and His continually grace that always be with Bandung Techno Park, then on Friday, July 11th 2014, BTP hold the event of the donation and Fast-breaking with orphans from Amanah Reformatory Foundation .

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In the event, in addition show some entertainment from Islamic art , also invited a speaker, ustadz Jakfar Sidiq , which is the manager of Tahfiz Qur’an foundation Generation Qur’ani Robbani. In his speech, ustadz Kakfar remind us about the struggle of our muslim family in Palestin that is currently being bombarded by the Jews. Nevertheless, still according to ustadz Jakfar , with all the limitations up to now the Palestinian population in particular children are still listed as the most muslim Al-Qur’an memorized. For that, he invited all muslims in Indonesia to take lessons from Palestinian land . Also ustadz not forget to give encouragement to orphans who now lives in an orphanage to keep the spirit despite the availability .