Bandung Techno Park (BTP) received an award science and technology of widya kridha years 2017 from the government through the ministry, research , technology and higher education republic of indonesia.This award submitted directly by the minister, research , technology and higher education republic of indonesia, Mohamed nasir, on thursday and then ( 10 / 08 ) in the top of national technology awakening day celebration ( hakteknas ) centered on 10 August 2017 in Makassar. Widya kridha is a gift to appreciate achievement non-government institutions and community groups for your dedication and contribution to the strengthening of innovation in the community.

The assessment of science and technology widya kridha award covering the quality of planning in generate and support innovation; capacity human resources or competence in supporting innovation; infrastructure , and method of working; guidance and strengthening cultural innovation; information systems or; documentation and the results of innovation .

Bandung techno park was officially opened by Minister of Industry on 19 January 2010 at Telkom education in the area south Bandung. BTP is institutions that play a role as intermediator and builder of synergies between academic, business, and government or ordinary known with a triple helix a-b-g.On his way, BTP also plays role in facilitating, product research and development incubation and acceleration, startup industrial clusters of, as well as serving the technological solution, training and consulting.Synergy and support Telkom University and institutions below the Telkom Foundation further strengthen positioning BTP.

Currently led by Prof. Dr.Adiwijaya. He determined to be good corporate governance with an implement cultural values , innovative, and sustain. BTP has human resources who are competent and some infrastructure for standing on the region as large as acres, 5,5 like: , management center business center, startup center, and innovation center in form of a laboratory facility and the hardware and software device . Formation of innovation culture in the BTP around was conducted by the formating of industrial cluster based on innovation, research & business sustainably, and develop startup in the field of information technology. Some of innovation that has been commercialized and used by the community such us studia ( e-learning ), platform LoraID ( long range identification system ), presence management, pentesting ( penetration testing ), PILKADA Cakep ( fast precise credible effective professional) Mobile Presence System, Production Line Counter, Automated Guide Vehicle, Mobitick (Bus Ticketing System), uKit (Microcontroller Training Kit), Posture Check, Knowledge Management System, Dashboard Monitoring System, etc.

Adiwijaya hope that an award earned techno this garbage generated by bandung residents system similar to the park , became not only a the pride of of moslems but also shall be the responsibility of in fulfill their duties to strengthen innovation for the sake of the acceleration of economic growth the region and the achievement of the competitiveness of the people of indonesia .