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Welcome to Bandung Techno Park Telkom University. Establishment of Bandung Techno Park is manifestation of Institute Technology  Telkom (IT Telkom) academic Society to develope Techno park as a connection between ICT and energy  educational institutions with industrialized world. IT Telkom as one of higher education institution in the field of information technology and telecommunications national which capable in human resources for developing applied research and benefits for public.

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In 2020, Indonesia is projected to become the largest digital economic country in ASEAN with 1.000 technopreneur, valuation business until USD 100 billion and USD 130 billion for e-commerce value. To support this, the government through the Minister of Industry provide a place for research , innovation, and business incubation of digital industry, and one of them is Bandung Techno Park (BTP) which officially opened on 16 January 2018. Minister of Industry also tried one of intelligent robot features made by workshop participants in BTP.

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Bechmark STP, Solo Government Visit BTP

Solo government visit BTP.

Bandung Techno Park got Widya Kridha Award from Government

Widya kridha is a gift to appreciate achievement non-government institutions and community groups for your dedication and contribution to the strengthening of innovation in the community.

Bandung Techno Park was Challenged to Produced Commercial Products

Telkom University holding exhibition result of research

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