Kunjungan Pemerintah Provinsi Sumatera Selatan untuk melihat Incinerator Wisanggeni

Visit of  South Sumatera Government to see Incinerator Wisanggeni

Garbage is a known environment problem. Human is producing garbage every day, yet there is no absolute solution to significantly decrease its volume. Lots of program and campaign is made to make human be more aware of this problem. The go-green campaign, eco-friendly product is made all for one purpose; creating a clean and healthy environment. With the spirit of making ‘a better Indonesia’, Bandung Techno Park is also play its part in contributing a clean and healthy environment by creating a research in environmental field. An Incinerator is made and named as Wisanggeni. This incinerator is one of Bandung Techno Park’s greatest product. It already passed a laboratory test for its air-water and dust residue that stated safe for environment by Sucofindo. The President of Republic Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo once comes to Bandung Techno Park and pleased to see this eco-friendly Incinerator. He ordered 10 units of Wisanggeni via Mrs. Rini Soemarno, The Ministry of State Owned Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia. Since, many organization have been interested by Wisanggeni.

This time the government of South Sumatera is visiting Bandung Techno Park for the same purpose. The government is looking on a further cooperation and agreement in waste management that is one of many research conducted by Bandung Techno Park. They want to enhance their service to the public and creating a cleaner and healthier region of South Sumatera. The visit start with an explanation about waste management, and introduction to Wisanggeni and then a swift look at Telkom University waste management that is already using Wisanggeni. Wisanggeni itself can turn 700kg of garbage into about 20kg of dust with fuel from diesel and water within a week of operations (about 8 hours a day for 5 days).