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Automated Guide Vehicle


Automated Guide Vehicle is an automatic carrier robot which can pull an object with capacity up to 500 kg. This robot movement can be adjusted according to user needs, Another benefit of this robot is can save delivery time of the products to all work stations.

This robot is equipped with a navigation system that using an optical sensor when indoors and an ultrasonic sensor when outdoors.


  • Capable of pulling an object with capacity up to 500 kg.
  • The movement can be adjusted (operational speed app. 30 cm per second).
  • Equipped with optical and ultrasonic sensor.

Existing User

PT. Johnson Controls, Cikampek

Bandung Techno Park, Indonesia

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Kawasan Pendidikan Telkom
Ters. Buah Batu, Dayeuhkolot
Bandung, Indonesia, 40257

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+62813 7816 3220

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