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Mobitick is a ticketing device that designed specifically for the economy class bus in Indonesia . Mobitick equipped with features that support the bus enterprise manage the data transaction of economic bus as: ●Ticketing system […]
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Go Global With Techno Park

  Bandung techno Park in media coverage, Biskom, March 2015 edition
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Micro-controller Training for teachers of Vocational High School in Bandung

As a form of concern to support the progress of the world of national education particularly vocational students and colleges in Indonesia in efforts to improve the competitiveness of the high school student and and […]
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The Visit o The Ministry Delegation of Youth and Sports to BTP

About 50 people Kemenpora Delegation and the Department of Youth and Sports of the whole province in Indonesia visit Bandung Techno Park on Friday 14th November 2014. The purpose of the visit of delegation led […]
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Bandung Techno Park Care About Vocational High School, SoloNovember 11th 2014

In order to improve the competence of teachers in vocational especially in the field micro controller, Bandung Techno Park give some micro controller training for vocational teachers at ex Karesidenan Surakarta area on November 18th […]
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The Visit of SMKN 1 Sukabumi

Students of – smkn 1 Sukabumi visit Bandung Techno Park on Thursday , December 18th 2014
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The Visit of SMKN 1 Waytenong West Lampung

Study Tour of SMKN 1 Way Tenong West Lampung  to Bandung Techno Park
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Talk About Science & Technology Park on The Ministry of Maritime Visit Btp

Along with the government plan to build 100 technopark in various regionsBAndung Techno Park ( BTP ) received a visiting delegation of the Maritime Ministry , Dr. Moch. Nurhudah ( Head of The Program Monitoring […]
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