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Bandung Techno Park



The information society is a society that has the will and the ability to manage information to continually improve the welfare and intellectual life. Bandung Techno Park is an element of society that must be the starting motor for the formation of the Information Society of Indonesia (Masyarakat Informasi Indonesia or MII) as part of the Global Information Society through creativity, innovation and the use of Information and Communication Technology / Teknologi Informasi dan Teknologi (ICT / TIK) in the development of human resources , economy and culture based on knowledge or Knowledge Based Human Resource (K-Worker), Economy (K-Economy) and Culture (K-Culture), whether it’s in regional Bandung, West Java, or national level.


  1. Increasing cooperation among Academic – Business – Government in ICT development which includes: Infrastructure, Applications, Content, Context, and Regulation.

  2. Driving the development of economy and culture based on knowledge and technology.

  3. Creating independent and competitive ICT resources.

  4. Cultivating people who are able to utilizing ICT in enhancing welfare.

  5. Creating technopreunership in society.

A Glimpse of History

Initiating the dream to make contribution to the economic development of Indonesia through economic growth in South Bandung area, it is required agencies to synergize the role of Quadruple Helix (4 main actors of innovation). Bandung Techno Park which was established in cooperation between Telkom Institute of Technology and the Ministry of Industry of Republic of Indonesia answers it all. Bandung Techno Park establishment begins with the establishment of UPT Telematics institution and Telecommunication Design Center (Pusat Desain Telekomunikasi or PDT) as a place of innovation for lecturers, students and the public, as well as the Business Incubator as a venue for people to learn how to do business.

The establishment of Bandung Techno Park is the realization of the dream of IT Telkom academic community of wanting to develop Teknopark as a bridge between the ICT sector and educational institution in the world of energy industry. IT Telkom as one of the institutions of higher education in the field of Information Technology and the National Telecommunication has the ability and the Human Resources that are sufficient to develop applied research that can be utilized by the public.

Since the beginning of 2007, Telkom Institute of Technology is trusted by the Ministry of Industry to develop UPT Telematics in order to grow and develop Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the field of ICT (Information and Telecommunications). Since 2007 until now, the Ministry of Industry provides a number of modern devices, while the UPT activities are supported by Disperindag Jabar Telematics. Activities that have been conducted are trainings in ICT in order to foster SMEs, with the purpose to lifting the National Industry. Since 2009, Telkom Institute of Technology is also trusted by the Ministry of Industry to develop Telecommunication Design Center (PDT). PDT was inaugurated by the Minister of Industry on January 12, 2010. On January 12, 2010, it will also be conducted cornerstone-laying of Bandung Techno Park in the campus environment of Telkom Institute of Technology.

Both of these institutions are the forerunners of Teknopark with the name of Bandung Techno Park which was inaugurated by the Minister of Industry on January 19, 2010. In 2009 the Ministry of National Education entrusted the development of Business Incubator to Bandung Techno Park.

Along the way and the need for a greater role of Bandung Techno Park as well as a variety of considerations, starting in November 2011 Bandung Techno Park management was separated from IT Telkom. Therefore, Bandung Techno Park is expected to provide more real and more extensive role for the public in West Java or even the nation.

The Purpose of Building Bandung Techno Park

Products of Innovation

Generate products of innovation continuously based on technology

Creating Startup

Create startup company based on technology

Commercialize Result of Research

Commercialize the result of research

The Roles of Bandung Techno Park

R&BD Continuously

Research & Business Development continuously

Developing Startup

Developing startup company

Attracting Industry Into The Region

Attracting industry/business into the region

Since being declared in the beginning of 2010, some products of innovation have been commercial, some start-ups have grown, links have been established in cooperation with the industry, and the synergy of Quadruple Helix has been running.

Along with the Government program of creating 100 Science Technology Parks in Indonesia as stipulated in Nawa Cita President Jokowi and in RPJMN 2014-2019, President Jokowi visited BTP on January 12, 2015, followed by a visit from Minister of Ristekdikti on January 20, 2015, and on January 23, 2015 Bandung Techno Park was appointed as a Role Model of STP in Indonesia by Menristekdikti.

Bandung Techno Park Road Map

In creating ecosystem area of innovation,
BTP Roadmap 2014-2019 was arranged as the following:


As a Phase of Strengthening Foundations, with a main goal: “The creation of a strong foundation for Bandung Techno Park”.


As a Phase of Acceleration, with a main goal: “The Establishment of an innovation ecosystem in the area of Bandung Techno Park”.


As Strengthening the Role, with a main goal: “The Establishment of an Innovation Ecosystem in the area of Bandung Techno Park”.

In order to create the Ecosystem of Innovation, the Government through the Ministry of Industry provides grants of 2 Buildings, R&BD TA 2015, and the help and support that are continuously coming from various ministries and local governments since 2007. Every year BTP promotes the themes that are guarded intensively such as: Development of Sustainable Research (2013), Development of Innovation Product (2014), Mass Production (2015).